The coal mining history of the Illawarra region is long and colourful, and depicted by the many mines which sprang up to participate in what was to become a global industry.  But not all of the mines were as innovative as Kemira, as long-lived as Metropolitan, as large as South Bulli, or as impacted by tragedy as were Bulli and Mount Kembla and Appin in more recent times.  Besides those other mines described elsewhere here, there were numerous further mines which because of their small output, short lives, or simple lack of recorded information could not practically be the object of the individual articles accorded the other mines.  Here, a brief look (often to the extent of known information) is given at a number of these mines and their varied fortunes over virtually the life of the coal mining industry in the Illawarra.

Illawarra Rail Map Showing Mines

The mines described here are

  • Tongarra Colliery
  • Dombarton Colliery
  • Avon Colliery
  • Avondale Colliery
  • Port Kembla #2 Colliery
  • Yellow Rock Colliery and
  • the Southern Coal Company‚Äôs failed mine.