Mt Keira – Kemira Colliery
Appin Colliery
Corrimal Colliery
South Bulli Colliery
Wongawilli Colliery and Coke Works
Bulli Main Colliery
Bulli Colliery
The Corn Beef Mine (with mp3 song)
Nebo Colliery
Dendrobium Colliery
Metropolitan Colliery
Mt Pleasant Colliery
Corrimal Colliery
Coalcliff & Darkes Forest Collieries
Mt Kembla Mine & Kerosene Works
Mt Kembla Mine
Mt Kembla Kerosene Works
Clifton School of Arts, Jetty & Coalcliff Mines Jetty Mine
Coalcliff & Darkes Forest Collieries
Corrimal Cokeworks
Coalcliff Cokeworks
Wongawilli Colliery and Coke Works
The Many Mines of the Illawarra
Avon Colliery
Avondale Colliery
Dombarton Colliery
Southern Coal Company
Yellow Rock Colliery
Huntley Colliery 1946 – 1989
Bulli Main Colliery
The Corn Beef Mine (with mp3 song)
Tongarra Colliery
Hale’s Woonona Mine
Mining Operations at the Burragorang Valley and Tahmoor
Tahmoor Colliery
A year in the (working) life of a miner: Albert Cairns
Miners’ Federation
Joint Coal Board
The Miners Life
Bulli Memorial & Miner’s Cottage Bulli Disaster Memorial
Len Leffley – Stories (and verses)
Miner’s Cottage
Miners’ Tribute
Clifton School of Arts
The Industry/Technology
Electrical Machinery in Coal Industry  
Outbursts in Mining Operations
O’Briens Drift Conveyor (OBD)
Coal Services – Rescue, Safety & Health
Longwall Roof Support
The Calyx Drill
Extraction of Pillars using the Wongawilli System
Mine Surveying
Coal Preparation Plants (Washeries)

Metallurgical Industry

Dapto Smelter  
The Mount Morgan Trio Australian Fertilisers Ltd (AFL)
  Electrolytic Refining & Smelting (ERS)
  Metal Manufactures Ltd (MM)

Process Industry

Mt Kembla Pioneer Kerosene Works  
Australian Fertilisers Ltd (AFL)  
Port Kembla Cement Works  

Sites to Visit

Bulli Miner’s Cottage  
Bulli Mine Disaster Memorial  
The Miners’ Tribute  
Clifton School of Arts  
Longwall Roof Support  


The Port Kembla Steel Companies  Australian Iron & Steel (AIS)
  John Lysaght Australia (JLA), Springhill
  Comsteel Unanderra


Sea Transport on the Illawarra Coast Wollongong Harbour – Belmore Basin
  Port Kembla Harbour
  Jetties on the Illawarra Coast
  Hicks Point Jetty
Railways of the Illawarra Government Rail in Illawarra
  Colliery Railway Haulage
Sydney Steam Trams

Cokemaking in the Illawarra

The Coke Industry in the Illawarra
The Making of Coke
Coalcliff Cokeworks
Corrimal Cokeworks


Electricity Development in the Illawarra Government Power Supply
  Private power – Mining & Metallurgical
  Electrical Machinery in Coal