The Illawarra Heritage Trail site celebrates the industrial heritage of the Illawarra and is managed by the Mineral Heritage Sub-committee.

The Mineral Heritage Sub Committee is linked to the Illawarra Branch of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy , a professional organisation formed in 1893 (incorporated by Royal Charter in 1955) to advance science and engineering in the mineral industry and to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas that enhance the professional excellence of its members. The membership is drawn from all sections of the mineral industry, has a current membership of 14000, with a network of Branches throughout the Asia Pacific region, and an increasing international base.

This Heritage Trail project is being managed by members of the Heritage Sub-Committee with the financial support and encouragement of the Illawarra Branch and the community of the Illawarra area. The Mineral Heritage Sub-Committee was established in the 1980s to research and record the history and heritage of the minerals industry in the Illawarra and surrounding areas. The work of the committee has included participation in the publishing of brochures and books on coal mining history and assistance on the production of the acclaimed DVD ‘’Beneath Black Skies” produced by Why Documentaries

 Website Acknowledgements

The Mineral Heritage Committee wishes to thank

-Members of the Miners Tribute Committee Barry Swan, Bob Graham, K. Wiseman and Victor Parkinson for their support in funding and creating the first draft of this website

-members of the AusIMM Illawarra branch, and AusIMM Heritage Committee for their support and encouragement in this Project

-our sponsors , the AusIMM Illawarra branch, the BlueScope-WIN Community Partners Program, and South32

-members of the Illawarra Historical Society, staff of the Wollongong City Library, University of Wollongong Library and website information sources for assistance in providing access to reference material to support the presentation of each Heritage site

-Dawn Crowther, historian for the Clifton School of Arts

Kerri-Anne Christian, Andy Hubscher, Rex Wright, Bruce Allan, Phillip Donaldson, Geoff Kelly and Ron Cairns for their contribution to the production of video interviews conducted at each of the Heritage sites.

The Illawarra Region
(Map Courtesy of Vacant Moments Pty Ltd)