1980 (a)
Surface methane drainage plant commences operation at Westcliff Colliery.
1980 (b)
Tower Colliery at Wilton commences production.
1981 (a)
Surface methane drainage plant commences operation at Appin Colliery.
1981 (b)
No5 Ventilation shaft completed at South Bulli Colliery.
1982 (a)
Retreat longwall mining unit installed at Westcliff Colliery.
1982 (b)
Pilot 1.2 MW methane/air gas turbine installed for electric power generation at Westcliff Colliery.
1984 (a)
South Bulli Colliery commences retrenchment of labour.
1984 (b)
15MW ASEA methane/air gas turbine electricity generating plant installed at Westcliff Colliery.
Corrimal Colliery closed
1986 (a)
15MW Mitsubishi methane/air gas turbine electric generating plant installed Appin Colliery
1986 (b)
Corrimal Colliery abandoned workings linked to Cordeaux colliery
Bulli, Avon and Yellow Rock Collieries close. Approval sought by local business man to develop a Tourist mine at Corrimal Colliery. Some preliminary mining carried out. Idea abandoned.
Longwall mining commences at Tower Colliery
Huntley Colliery closes. Methane Drainage plant installed at Tower Colliery


A sudden outburst of gas at South Bulli Colliery kills three men Kemira Colliery closed. Coalcliff Colliery closed Cordeaux achieves a record production for any mine in Australia.
1992 (a)
The Shell Oil Company acquires ownership of the South Bulli Colliery from Austin & Butta
1992 (b)
A coal preparation plant installed at Appin Colliery
1992 (c)
The Elouera Colliery created from an amalgamation of Kemira, Nebo and Wongawilli Collieries
1993 (a)
Cordeaux the first mine in Australia to achieve accreditation to Quality Assurance Standard AS 3902
1993 (b)
BHP spins off its Long Products division to create a standalone company One Steel


The Thin Seam Mining Company abandons their mining of the No2 Balgownie Seam at South Bellambi.
BHP merges with global resource giant Billiton to form BHPbilliton. BHP Steel becomes a standalone company.
The development of the Dendrobium colliery commences
The Bellpac Company ceases mining at South Bulli.
BHP Steel adopts the name Bluescope Steel
2005 (a)
The Dendrobium colliery commences regular production. BHP Billiton Illawarra Coal Collieries close Elouera Colliery Gujarat NRE purchase the South Bulli and Avondale Collieries Delta Mining commence the contract mining of the Elouera colliery for Illawarra Coal and rename the mine Delta 1 Colliery
2005 (b)
The Seacliff Bridge opens for road traffic.
Gujarat NRE Company purchase the Elouera colliery from BHPBilliton Illawarra Coal.
Gujarat NRE commence mining at Elouera colliery and rename the mine Wongawilli Colliery.