1900 (a)
South Clifton installs coke ovens adjacent to railway.
1900 (b)
Excelsior No.1 Colliery opens.
1901 (a)
South Bulli Colliery sold by Ebenezer Vickery to Bellambi Coal Co.
1901 (b)
Coke works erected by BHP near Bellambi Railway Station using South Bulli Colliery Coal.
1901 (c)
Ebenezer Vickery purchases Mt. Keira Colliery from the Osborne family.
1902 (a)
Government takes over Southern Coal Co. and SCC Jetty to the North Bulli Coal Co.
1902 (b)
North Bulli Colliery opens (near Coledale Railway).
1902 (c)
Mount Kembla mine disaster — 95 men and boys killed. Methane gas flowing from a roof fall in an abandoned goaf area ignited by a naked lamp
150ft of jetty at Coalcliff Jetty mine lost in heavy seas.
Excelsior No.2 Colliery opens.
1906 (a)
North Bulli Colliery takes over lease of former Southern Coal Co. jetty.
1906 (b)
Upthrow fault, 91ft. (28ms) intersected the seam in the southern workings of the Brokers Nose Colliery. New mine entries established 1mile (1.6kms) to the south of earlier Brokers Nose entries. Colliery name changed to Corrimal-Balgownie.
1909 (a)
Owens’s Balgownie Colliery opens in 4ft. Balgownie Seam near Mt. Pleasant Colliery
1909 (b)
Bulli Collieries development of Bulli Seam delayed when basalt dyke intersected.


1910 (a)
Shaft and winder commissioned at Coalcliff Colliery and the underground workings of the abandoned Jetty mine and Coalcliff colliery, interconnected. The name Jetty mine abandoned.
1910 (b)
Owen’s Tongarra Colliery near Albion Park opened. Operated until early 1920’s
1911 (a)
The erection of coke ovens near Corrimal Railway Station signalled the final move from Unanderra by the Southern Coal Co.
1911 (b)
BHP announces intention to diversify (from metal smelting).
Government takes over the abandoned rail line of Southern Coal Co. between West Unanderra and Port Kembla.
Plant of Australian Coke-Making Co. (ACM) at Unanderra closed and dismantled
1912 (c)
Coalcliff jetty used for sea transport for the last time.
1912 ( d)
Tunnel entries driven in Bulli Seam at South Clifton to replace mine shaft entries.
1913 (a)
Light-house (beacon) installed by Bellambi Coal Co. at Bellambi jetty.
1913 (b)
Owen’s Balgownie Mine closes.
1915 (a)
Wongawilli Colliery opens at Wongawilli in the No3 Wongawilli Seam.
1915 (b)
BHP Coke Works at Bellambi taken over by Broken Hill Associated Smelters.
Wongawilli mine purchased by G&C. Hoskins and site construction commenced on coke ovens, surface plant and rail line to Brownsville.
1917 (a)
Coal cutters powered by electric motors withdrawn from Bulli Colliery due to concern about gas and dust.
1917 (b)
Construction of the initial 40 coke ovens under way at Wongawilli.14 Ovens in operation and coke being shipped to Hoskins Lithgow steel plant.
1917 (c)
Underground man transport system installed at South Bulli Colliery.
1917 (d)
Southern Coal Co. rail tracks from Unanderra to Port Kembla removed.
1918 (a)
Coalcliff mine Collier ‘UNDOLA’ disappears. Believed to have struck a German mine.
1918 (b)
Large land slip. Part of Brokers Nose collapses.


1920 (a)
The first coal washing plant on South Coast installed at Wongawilli Colliery along with 40 coke ovens.
1920 (b)
Elect. Powered coal cutting machines withdrawn from Mt. Kembla Colliery — concern about gas and dust.
1920 (c)
South Clifton Shaft mine closes.
1921 (a)
Coal washing plant in operation at Wongawilli Colliery (The first coal washery on the South Coast)
1921 (b)
Huddart Parker Ltd. takes over Metropolitan Colliery.
Mt. Kembla Ext. Colliery (previously Owen’s Balgownie) opens.
Bellambi Colliery closes.
Additional 40 coke ovens installed at Wongawilli Colliery.
1925 (a)
Bulli Colliery delayed when cindered coal in seam encountered.
1925 (b)
Outburst of CO2 seam gas brings down 200 tons of coal at Metropolitan Colliery. Two miners and a pit pony killed
1925 (c)
Eighty coke ovens now in service at Wongawilli Colliery
1925 (d)
Furnace ventilation replaced at Mt. Kembla with mechanical fan installed at No2 Shaft
1926 (a)
DC power supply replaced with an AC supply system at Coalcliff Colliery.
1926 (b)
Mount Lyell coke works at Port Kembla closes.
North Bulli Colliery closes.
Hoskins Iron & Steel commence erection of blast furnace at Port Kembla.
Bath and change house built at South Bulli Colliery.